3 Tips to add Instant Coastal Charm to Your Home!

Hi Friends,

I absolutely love the simplicity that is, most of the time, found in decorating a home Coastal Style. Yes, there could be some interior designers that would "clutter the space" with lots of coastal pieces and it still look amazing but, honestly... I love simplicity!

I am finding that I am drawn towards minimalism and having 

just the basic necessities in my home. 

That includes the basic necessities for home decor, too! This post is all about sharing a few basic home decor items to immediately add some coastal charm!

I hope that you grab a cup of coffee and take a 5 minute break to see just how easy it would be to change the style of your home to bring that light feeling of coastal charm... or just to simply declutter and get rid of all the extraneous pieces of decor and keep it simple!

My top tip for decorating "coastal style" would be to add natural wood tones to your home. This could be done with natural colored picture frames, actual pieces of driftwood, mirrors that have natural wood encasements, or natural wooden candlesticks. Here are a few examples...

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Photography tips for Mom and Baby

Here's a fun topic to talk about! I know us momma's could use a little moral support in this area as it can be pretty tricky to get portraits of babies in general, much less… ON the BEACH! When you throw in the gusting wind, the blowing sand, and the bright sunshine in their precious eyes… how exactly do you take pictures on the beach?

I want to share a few tips that I found helpful in taking baby pictures on the beach.

5 Secrets to Successful Blogging

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all have had a good start to your week and are well on your way to accomplishing everything you set out to do! We are always up to something fun whether it's working in the yard or working on projects indoors! We have all heard, "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today"!

Well, that quote goes for so many areas in our lives. Whether you already enjoy a hobby or want to find your hobby… DO IT and excel in it! Always have the next step for growth planned out and work towards it! I have been busy planning, working, and accomplishing goals and I'll be the first to say that it just feels good to keep crossing tasks off my to-do list!

Today, I want to share 5 secrets to a better blog for those of you who truly enjoy blogging but may feel "...stuck in a rut...", or are asking yourself "where do I go from here with my blog?"

1 easy step to a Clutter-free Home

It's a good day for a good day and I want to make your "good day" an even "BETTER than good day" and with one simple life hack!

One thing I have found that helps me stay sane in the middle of chaos is a clean clutter-free home. Whether the chaos is from one busy week every now and then or simply that you're busy all.the.time. one thing you can do to relieve some of the stress is to keep your home clutter-free!

Busy lives and busy homes become much simpler and less stressful when no clutter is involved! Take it for what it's worth! Try it out and you will be amazed how how much of a difference it will make. Have you heard the expression…


Outdoor Fall Tablescape

Hello Everyone! I have been so excited to create some simple and festive fall tablescapes. With it being so close to Thanksgiving (like, 13 days away from now, kind of close!) and then on to Christmas, I wanted to take a few minutes out to enjoy the fall weather, the falling leaves, and yes, the fall decor. By the way, when you live in Florida you just have to have a different standard for "fall weather".

Anyways, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and one that I don't want to get past us without slowing down to enjoy it for a little while! One way I did that was to throw together a fall tablescape for no other reason than, just because I wanted to. Here are the results: Fun. Simple. Festive.

$30 Patio Furniture (Before and After)

Hello kind followers,

A couple years ago we got patio furniture from a neighbor who was moving and didn't want to take it with him. He just gave it to us and we were thankful and used it for a couple years… until, I finally got the nerve up to repaint it. (Have I ever mentioned how nervous I get before I paint something? I am always scared it's not going to turn out and I won't do a "good enough" job to keep it afterwards.) 

Basically, the same way I felt before I painted my farmhouse style dining room table. That project  turned out really good though so maybe it gave me a little more courage to take on an outdoor table and chairs which turned out really well!


Here are the before pictures… Luckily my mom snapped this first picture really quick before we completely painted the chairs.