A New Beginning in Blogging

Hello and welcome to Coastal Breeze Cottage ... a blog with growing potential each and every new day! I am so excited to start this new era in my life of hosting my own blog in conjunction with online stores to one day soon display the crafts and items that I design and sell. It is a work in progress as I begin this new feat but I am so ecstatic that I can make a beginning right here and right now through blogger.com!

I will also be sharing home remedy, cleaning, and daily chore tips to help YOU have fun while getting your housework done - both at the same time! You know you can't beat an offer like that, so be sure you check back often!

One of my "hobbys" would be taking care of my home. This includes cleaning, decorating, and last but not least, cooking! Really all the fun things a woman should enjoy doing.

As I blog, I will recommend products that I use and provide links so that you can enjoy them too!
My first product being my MacBookPro Laptop that I am completely in love with.
I have had mine for 3 weeks now and each day I love the amazing features it provides for me.

I hope you will enjoy reading through my posts and come back often for a visit!

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