A Happy Home

Hello Friends!

Have you ever wondered how to have and/or remain having a happy home? Maybe you already have it figured out and I really hope you do quite honestly but life can get so busy and it is so easy to lose track of those things that really matter... the things that bring true happiness. A couple months ago I ran across a list that really sums it up. I am amazed with the importance of each of these items and how you should really fit these into your everyday routine. If you follow this list, it will make you, and ultimately your entire home, happier!

10 Things to make your home happier:

1.) Devotions.
2.) Make your bed.
3.) Bring every room back to Ready!
4.) Display sentimental items
5.) 1-line a day journal.
6.) Set an “intent” each morning.
7.) If you can’t get out of it – get into it!
8.) Do small favors for your husband.
9.) Call 1 friend or family member each day.
10.) Spend money on things that cultivate experiences at home.

I moved, what was #10, to #1, as that is my #1 priority every day!

Because these 10 items are so important, I want to challenge each of you to join me in making each one happen, and most of them on a daily routine. (You’ll know which ones are meant to be daily.) Your reward will be how successful and happy you will be!!

Please leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you!!

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