Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my Family, Friends, and Blog Followers! 

2013 proved to be a successful year for me with the startup of my blog. I received around 1000 page views within a month’s time! This was an exciting experience as I watched the numbers climb from day to day. I know that once I start updating this year regularly, I will continue to develop that audience. Like I said, this past year has been filled with setting up my blog and establishing my name and space. However, along with this excitement, I have already made some great contacts and amazing friends!

Today, as we start 2014, I am so excited to share with you my schedule for the new year! My goal is to make this a prosperous and fun-filled year! I can’t wait to share crafts, tips, and recipes, and I really look forward to meeting so many more new friends and colleagues.

2014 Blog Schedule:

Tidy Tuesday

This will include everything from cleaning and organizing tips to keeping your home warm and welcoming to all your family and friends.

Thrify Thursday

Whether it is about budgeting or finding the best deals in the stores, shopping with coupons, or using lists to do your shopping, be sure to check in on Thursdays for fun and exciting ways to save!

Fit Friday

Remember your New Year’s Resolution!! Maybe it is to “lose weight” or “join a gym” or “start cooking healthy” and “quit the junk food”. Whatever it is, you’ll gain some great tips here for those weeks that your motivation might be “on the line” or you just need some inspiration. Healthy living leads to amazing benefits and more importantly than that, it is something that you will never regret doing. You can always be proud of yourself for the effort you put forth!

I hope that you will enjoy 2014 as much as I am planning to! Be sure to submit your email address and subscribe to my blog (found on the top right side) so that you won't miss a post! Please leave comments and add your 2 cents in because we are all in this together to have fun and make this year a great one!

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