Thrifty Thursday - Master Bath Shower

Several months ago my husband and I were standing in the doorway of our master bathroom discussing our plans to “remodel it.  We did not want to spend a lot of money but we really wanted more standing room in the shower and wanted a nice TILED shower. But again, didn’t want to spend much and a new shower installation can be very pricey.

We originally had a garden tub and it took up so much space in the room. As we contemplated our options… my husband being the handyman that he is, decided we could just install and tile our own shower and do it for a fraction of the cost.

Now let me tell you, when Ben does something, he does it right. He does not get the cheapest materials possible and cut corners or rig anything. He is a perfectionist and I just love his work ethic. If he decides to do it himself, it would cost us the same in materials but the labor would be virtually free. This was a great idea and before we changed our mind on doing it... I started ripping up the flooring that night!! I was so excited to get a new tiled shower and I knew my husband would do an amazing job!

Ben researched everything he needed to know before he got started. He had to level out the concrete and add a shower liner, etc. (the whole nine yards). It took over a month because of all the details and labor that goes into installing a new shower from the concrete up but this is what it turned out like:  I just love it!

 You just have to say, perfection
I am super proud of my man!

We were told my a professional tile installer that a job like this would have cost us around $5,000. 
Our cost was approximately $1500.

So our total savings by installing and tiling our own shower was at least $3,500!!!! 

It has been perfect for us! We are very happy with the tile we picked out.. We used Travertine on the walls and the floor. It's been easy to keep clean which is a super plus... it always looks great! 

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