Tidy Tuesday - Cabinet Organization

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

Today we are going to talk about how to organize your cabinets so that you know 
what you have and what you need to get!

I have broken the lists into categories:

Bagged Items:

Items to cook:

Canned Food Groups:
Vegetables (Beans, Corn, etc.)
All Things Tomato (diced, paste, sauce, rotel, etc.)
Olives, garbanzo beans, etc.

Homemade Canned Foods are all grouped together on the top shelf in case of an emergency. Or a treat, like my Mom’s pickled okra. J Seriously, it’s the best treat in the world; and it reminds me of my
childhood memories in “Sweet Home Alabama”.

My top shelf also consists of “stocked items”; mostly from BOGO deals.
Condiments like: ketchup, mayo, wing sauce, jelly, and also flour and sugar.

This is a simple and easy concept, I know. But there is great value in doing this. You will appreciate the 20 minutes it takes to organize when you need to pull out a can of corn or a bag of rice. This also helps to remember how long you’ve had certain items so that if they need ditched, you’re not thinking that you have it on hand for your next meal. Who wants to pull out a can of tomatoes with the expiration date of 2/15/2012 (Today’s date 1/14/14)?  …Not me.
Well I hope that many of you are able to put this organization to use in your own homes. I know it makes my week just a little bit brighter when my cabinets are cleaned out and organized.

Until next time,

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