Big News!!

Hello to all my blogging friends!! I am thrilled to be back with you guys and posting again. I have had an interruption to my weekly routine… but I'll say the best interruption of all times!! Guess what?!


My husband and I are completely ecstatic! I am so thrilled that I'll have the privilege of being a mother one day... very soon! So, what comes with pregnancy? Yes, you got it! Prego Sickies!! It's been a little crazy around here the past several weeks but I believe I am starting to get to the other side of it! Yay!!! So at 3 months along… I am back at blogging and hoping to bring you all some good posts to fill your spare moments.

I do not intend on turning this into a pregnancy blog but I do owe everyone an explanation as to why I fell off the face of the earth for several weeks!

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