Airplane Banner

I wanted to share a fun project that I did in preparation for Our Baby. This project only took me about an hour to do. I love making burlap banners and I love airplanes so I wanted so badly to make this one! And need I mention that I LOVE the way it turned out!

I gathered my supplies which you see below:

Draw or trace a plane, like the one below, cut it out, and place it onto your banner.

Using a pen, or sharpie, trace around the edges of the plane.

Once you have the edges, just fill in the object with your choice of paint and color of paint.
It will turn out perfect, I promise. 
No need for a specific brand of paint - whatever you have on hand will be perfect! 

Again... the final Banner. We chose to hang it on the nursery door to introduce the nursery theme.

Be sure to check out the full Nursery Reveal!!

Featured Project Level: Easy

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