DIY Memory Board

Hi Guys and Girls - -

I am so excited to share this DIY Memory Board with you! I recently shared a post on Refinishing the Glider and Ottoman for Levi's Nursery, and if you read that, then you already know my sister came down for a week-long visit last summer and helped me get the Nursery decorated. If you didn't see the new masterpiece, you can see it Here. :-)

This Memory Board is another fun project that we did in that one amazing week… Lets get some motivation going and let me tell you that I made this board for Only $3!! Seriously you guys! You would pay around $25, at most stores, for something like this. 

First, you'll have to be willing to go to garage sales because this is where I found this beautiful (already painted red) frame! I noticed this frame when we pulled up to the sale and went straight for it! I knew it was just what I wanted… and this made my saturday morning garage sale adventure complete. I might add that we hardly ever go to garage sales just because we are so busy so I really got lucky with this find. They were only asking $2 for the frame so I whipped out the money and packed away the frame!

Now, onto the materials… You'll Need:

1. A frame of your choice
2. A piece of burlap (or other fabric of your choice)
3. 1 foam board from Dollar Tree (FOR $1.00)
4. Tacky glue
5. Upholstery pins of your own choice (for pinning items on the board)

Okay, so you've gathered what you want to use? Let's get going and we will be done, with the finished project in hand, in less than 30 minutes!

1. Cut your foam board to the size of the inside border on the frame.
2. Wrap the burlap around the foam board and glue it down. Let it dry for a couple minutes.
3. Turn the frame so the back is facing upward and put glue all around the edges. 
4. Place the burlap wrapped foam board on top of the frame. (Front of the board will be face down.) 
5. Clamp the burlap board to the frame and leave it for about 15-20 min so the glue dries completely.

You're done! Really, this is such a simple project but gives such a big effect on the wall! Again...



Have you ever made a memory board? There are so many styles of memory boards out there but for me, I love BIG Frames, Burlap, and Upholstery Pins so this is what we came up with and I LOVE IT! 

It looks perfect in the nursery! And I can't wait to show YOU just how good it looks! The full Nursery Reveal is coming really… really… SOON!  

Have a great weekend everyone!! 

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