Gender Reveal for Baby #2

Hello Friends,

It has been a little extra exciting around here lately! So many new blessings and dreams come true have happened in our life recently. I'll try to share them one at a time and in different posts..

We found out the gender of our baby-on-the-way a couple weeks ago and boy was it a shocker. I have been convinced that it was another boy since the beginning weeks of the pregnancy. My cravings were very similar to what I had with Levi.. I was "popping out" about the same way. I had morning/evening nausea, etc.

So, I was convinced it was a boy. I have been planning to do Levi and the new babies nurseries together and make it all cute with a crib and toddler bed both in the room, etc etc… Here are a few ideas that I found on Pinterest and really liked a lot.

Me and my husband were both so excited to go and see our little son at the ultrasound.
We were both anxiously awaiting the nurse to confirm that it was a boy and when she checked; it wasn't what we thought!!! :-)

It's A GIRL!!!

We were sitting there in the room completely shocked! (I think I even cried a little bit…) We couldn't believe we had a little princess on the way! Our little prince will now have a princess by his side for a playmate! I know Levi is going to love her so much! He is such a loving baby himself. He will be 2 weeks shy of his 1st birthday when she arrives!

So, we are having a little girl, Due October 21st, 2015!!

We are so in love with her already!

I was back at square 1 with deciding what to do for her nursery! I did think about doing them together, even being opposite genders, but there are a couple factors to consider…

1) I don't want to squeeze two babies into one room when there is a guest room that is only used 2-3 times throughout the year. 

2) Levi will only be around a year old so I don't want them to wake each other up during the night or during nap times, etc. 

3) I want to make her nursery full of PINK and YELLOW and am not really up for doing neutral colors just so they can be together.

I have pretty much decided to put our baby girl in her own room/nursery! Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest that I really like:

These are the colors and style that I want to go with and I can't wait to get started! I am so thankful for our sweet son and now a beautiful daughter on the way! I am so Blessed. And Thankful. And completely Excited. 

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think about doing separate nurseries versus doing one nursery together. 

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