Refurbished Ethan Allen Desk

Happy Thursday! I can't believe I am saying Thursday already… its like the days of the week fly right on by… whether I am "there" or not. 

Just wanted to show this Ethan Allen desk that my husband repainted a couple months back. Also, I want to share with you how simple it is to take on a project like this. 

Let me start by saying that Yes, this was a desk that we found on the side of the road one day while driving home from work. We are so famous for finding treasures on the side of the road! And when I say "we" I am mainly referring to my husband but, I am slowly becoming more like him. I am going to take that as a good thing. :-) So… yes, I do go and see what's on the side of the road now just in case its a gem waiting to be uncovered. lol (I won't mention, in this post, about what I just found last week. Saved us between $75 - $100! BAM!) My husband was pretty excited too.

Alright onto the desk… Here is a quick before and after picture. You can judge it yourself but I think it cleaned up really good and made for a nice and sturdy piece of furniture!

                  Before                                                                                                    After

Here is a close up of the detail in this desk. It's a beautiful piece but just had a long rough life and needed a little TLC. (We had already removed the handles from the desk.)

Ben used a sanding pad to get the wood to the place that it would hold a coat of paint.. 
("Rough it up" a little bit, as we call it.) Also, he filled the holes with puddy because we were not reusing the old hardware. 

This paint is my "go to paint" after so many successful projects. It always works like a charm!
No, I am not getting paid to say this. All opinions and statements are what I truly feel; not hinging on any compensation. ;-) 

Ben makes sure everything is perfect when he does something. So, paint, inspect, paint, inspect, etc. 
He is aMAZing at everything he does! :-)

More of the same…

Yes, we painted the garage floor with this project. (No, not intentionally. haha)

TaDa!! Back in the house and looking like a champ. Sorry for the poor picture quality.

We chose these drawer pulls and I think it dressed it up a bit.

We left the top of the desk like it was because we loved the character it held. It's absolutely gorgeous. I really couldn't bear to sand it off and take away all those years of built in character.

I hope you like it and of course, I am curious to hear what you think.

What kind of treasures have you found sitting on the side of the road, ready for some TLC?

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