Making a Wood Sign

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share a fun project that I did last week for a friends birthday. This project took a couple hours to make (throughout the course of the day) because paint must dry and there a couple stages to the whole project. I really love the way it turned out!

First, I started with a wooden board that I purchased at Hobby Lobby, my favorite store EVER!! lol
This board was pre-cut, but you could really use any type of board that you have laying in the garage or workshop. (Ex. A piece of trim would look really cool…)

Sand the board to make sure all the edges are rounded or splinter free and then paint the board whatever  color you choose. As you can see, I chose black.

After I painted the board, I took a piece of sandpaper to it and sanded it until I thought it was "perfectly distressed". (You don't have to distress it if you want a fresher, newer, look.)

NOTE: Start sanding on the back to see how much sanding it takes and what your preferences are for a distressed look; then work on the front of the board.

The next step is to create your template and trace it onto the board. I prefer to use materials or things I have on hand (or can create for free) and just made my template in Microsoft Word. I printed the word "gather" and then cut it out and laid it on my board to trace the image.

NOTE: Make sure the word or image is lined up straight on your board. Once you trace it onto the wood, its pretty much there for good! lol

Last, but definitely not least, fill in your word or image with the color of paint that you choose. I had an off white or cream color that I used.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and hopefully you can see how simple it is to start making those crafty pieces that you see and love but don't want to pay the $$ people want for them. lol

Disclaimer: I would consider buying something like this from a shop just to help them out or support them because I DO support small and/or local businesses!! :-) I just enjoy creating things myself and like taking on a challenge.

So, there you have it! Get cReAtiVe and go make that sign that you would love to hang above your sink or door, or maybe that wooden crate that you want to set somewhere in your own home!! The ideas are absolutely endless!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Until next time,

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