Modge Podged Canvas Decor

Hello Friends,

I am in full swing with re-doing Levi's baby nursery into a montessori-style toddler bedroom and creating Ashtyn's pink and flowery baby nursery from the start! I just have to say that I am enjoying this phase of life so much and cannot describe how fun it is to be able to make their rooms perfect for them! I love my little people (even the one I haven't met yet but carry and feel her moving, all day long, sometimes). She is going to be a ball of energy just like her big brother!

In my search of what I wanted to change Levi's room into, I found the montessori style to be my favorite. I like educational themed ideas and my goal is to create a few attractive pieces to display in Levi's room. I want learning to be interesting to him, even at a young age! It's never to early to sing the ABC song and at least get familiar with the basics! The project I am sharing with you today is one that I have come up with that is FUN and will definitely catch his attention as he grows.

I should add in here that I only spent $.50 to complete this entire project. ;) Keep reading for the details!

First, I started off making a Word Document where I created and formatted the ABC's and Numbers 1-10. I did have to work with the fonts and margins so that they would fit onto 1 page each and look semetrical hanging on a wall, as a piece of art. Below is what the word documents looked like. Of course, just hit the print button, and I have my piece of art to modge podge onto the canvasses.

Next, I found two canvasses that I already had and just painted them both white since they had previously displayed something else. So, THIS (THE WHITE PAINT) is what I spent .50 cents on. No complaining here! (Also, I could have used white ceiling paint, that I have on hand, and it wouldn't have changed a thing to the final project look.)

Finally, I used a small roller and rolled on a layer of modge podge and then lined up my printed microsoft word art and laid it flat onto the wet surface. I then rolled another layer of modge podge on top of the print. I let it dry for about 10-20 minutes and then rolled one final layer onto the prints.

I have never done modge podge before this project so if I did it wrong then, oh well… :-) My canvasses turned out and I am ever so happy with them! They look amazing and every time I see them, it makes me so giddy!

Here they are again, in closer detail!

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a fantastic week!


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