Building a Shed

Happy Friday to you….

I am so glad the weekend is here. For me the weekend means, "additional hours to spend with my better half"... which makes me very happy. However, these days he may not be inside the house…but, he is still here with us! He has been hard at work on building a shed in the backyard and today I wanted to share some pictures of his progress and his hard work (both mentally and physically)!

You see… another baby means cleaning out another room… which means... the garage gets fuller with everything we can push out the door. So, we decided it's time.. time to build a shed for all the things we just don't have room for inside the house. Ben has enjoyed picking out the style and learning as he goes just "how to build a shed". Let me remind you that when he does something.. he does it right. This shed isn't going anywhere and it's definitely going to be built right. That's just one little way I can brag about my husband.

So, here is the front view:
There will be double doors in the middle and a window on both sides of the doors.

Here is a side angle of the front… the studs can make it hard to see so a different angle might help. :)

Looking up from the inside of the shed.

One last view is the side profile. ;) If you're wondering... no, Ben did not stage himself for any of these photos. haha I was taking the pictures around him as he was working.

Now you know what we have been up to here at the homestead.. just busy working, as usual.

Note: If you haven't read about our travertine DIY Master Bath Shower, be sure to check it out here! It's another project that Ben did an excellent job on and totally changed the value of our bathroom for only a fraction of the cost of it being hired out professionally.

Have a great weekend!

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