Our Winter Home Tour

Hello Everyone,

I absolutely L.O.V.E this time of year and am so excited to share my little bits of winter decor for you guys to see! First off is… the mantel. Anyone that knows me, also knows that I love changing up my mantel! It's very simple this year but totally Christmas-eee! 

I love this buffalo checked ribbon I found at the $1 spot in Target. Seriously, $1 for a whole spool of ribbon! Can't beat that. I am sure you all have seen it too but, I just had to snatch it up! It pulled everything together very nicely throughout the entire decor.

This wreath is a winter staple in my home. I bought it from Michaels several years ago and it's been so easy to pull out and freshen right up with some TLC. "Very good budget-friendly decor staple".

The antique sewing table below is on a sidewall where I always keep these antique windows safe and sound. I just change up the decor in front of them.

I Love the Pops of Red from these Berry Stems!

I repainted this little table and absolutely love it so much better being white. I have enjoyed incorporating it back into the main living area. For a while, it was in our Master Bedroom. Now, it's made it's way back into the spot light. Right below my picture collage wall! (I'll post pics of that soon - I love the way it turned out!)

Can you see the trend for this year's decor. Just very simple and winter-y! 
This pillow came from the  Target $1 spot, as well. But, it was $3. Still very budget friendly! 

For the dining room table I laid out pine garland and added candles for ambiance. I also kept my overall coastal cottage theme by adding the vase filled with beach sand and driftwood. 

Last but not least, is this old looking blue armoire. It's been challenging to find the right place for it but I really had no choice but to move it into the dining room when we were making space for Ashtyn's arrival and decorating her nursery. I have enjoyed decorating with and around it and it may just stay here for a while. It's got way too much character to get rid of so I am working with it to make it feel at home.

I think it looks great for a simple centerpiece in the dining room.

I hope you have enjoyed the Winter Tour of our Living Room and Dining Room. I have enjoyed blogging about it!

Until Next Time,

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