5 budget friendly breakfast ideas!

Here's a post worth waiting for! Who is with me when I say, "Let's eat something different for breakfast!" or as a Mom, something like, "What can I pull out of the cabinets to make for breakfast besides cereal, oatmeal, or grits?!"

Today, I am going to share 5 different breakfast ideas that you can make with items that you, most likely, already have on hand.

1.) Crustless Quiche.
Some of the main ingredients that I added to my quiche were, sausage, spinach, mushrooms, cheese, and of course, eggs. A few things to point out with this particular quiche are:

a) It's crustless. You are saving money by NOT buying a prepared crust.
b) This is similar to a casserole, so you can throw whatever you have on hand in the bowl and it's going to bake into pure deliciousness. (p.s. I don't like casseroles.. but, I think you get the point about throwing whatever you have on hand in the mix.)

Lookup "crustless quiche recipes" on Pinterest and let your mouth start watering! ;-) Seriously, the quiche that I made was delicious and SO easy!

2.) Eggs & Fruit. Simple yet healthy. I chose strawberries and bananas to go with my eggs.

3.) An english muffin with peanut butter, drizzled with honey, and then fruit toppings. I chose blueberries and banana slices.

4.) Yogurt parfait (minus the expensive and not-so-good-for-you granola). This is simply yogurt with fruit on top. You could also drizzle honey over this, if you prefer.

5.) Yes, it's fruit and eggs again… but, it's NOT the same as before. Simple ingredient variations can really make a difference in your meals. The best part is that these variations are not extravagant and very budget friendly!

These 5 breakfast ideas are all great toddler meals, as well! I know for me recently, I've had to think outside of the box and create meals that not only satisfy my husband and myself's taste buds but, now we have a little boy who loves to eat and explore new foods! It's been fun and provided a good challenge to pull meals together that he likes and that are good for him and provide the rounded nutrition that a little boy needs.

It's always fun to try something new for breakfast and a big plus when they are all healthy yet super inexpensive and *Budget friendly. I hope you are able to take away some good ideas and create some fun new recipes for you and your family!!

     * The word "Budget" or "Budgeting" does NOT mean living paycheck to paycheck nor does it mean you can't afford something with a higher price tag. It simply means, being responsible with your money and making a choice as to where you want your money to go and how you choose to spend it.

Make sure you don't shy away by the word budget or think that it implies something negatively. It's actually a very positive thing in someone's life and plainly, the responsible thing to do. Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or if you have a nice cushion to sit on, financially speaking, you should always create, maintain, and live on a budget!

Please check out the link at the top of the page called, Budget Living, and see for yourself that it doesn't mean, cheap, barely making it, or plain poor. Hang around and go sign up with your email (on the right hand side of the page) so you won't miss new ideas and fun posts coming to my blog!

Have a great weekend folks and as always, thanks for stopping by! By the way, feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. I am here to talk about all the aspects of budgeting and I am always looking for more good topics to bring your way. If you have a question… don't hesitate to ask. It might be the question everyone else is wanting to ask too!

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