"Construction Theme" Birthday Party

Hello Everyone!

Summer is rolling around and I am ready for the outdoor get togethers and fun times spent with friends and family! I love planing and throwing a good party and my sons 1st Birthday Party was NO exception! I planned this party months in advance and prepared as much as I could weeks before just so that I knew it would turn out to be what I envisioned.

My husband is an Electrician so we were trying to tie in the "electrician" theme with "all things construction"! I think the shirts turned out to be a cute idea and I am glad we had them made at the local Vintage Printing Company! You can see all the details about our shirts, in an upcoming post so stay tuned to find out what the backs of our shirts say!!

Now, I've done the hard part planning and designing all the details so that you can copy and modify what I've done and make it ten times easier for yourself for your little one's birthday!
Invitations: I designed these invitations in Microsoft Powerpoint and then printed them out and glued them onto card stock. I love how they turned out!

Food: We prepared all the fixings for homemade subs and laid it all out on aluminum foil pans for easy clean up. (Purchased these pans at Dollar Tree.) 
Everyone was able to make their sub exactly how they wanted it! 

Drinks: We kept the drinks to a minimum with Lemonade, Water, and Sweet Tea! 
There was a cooler full of ice right below these drink containers.

I made "table confetti" and if you didn't notice it in the pictures, i'll show a close up of how it turned out! It was another way to bring out the "Electrician" theme! I simply downloaded pictures from google images, printed them out, and laminated them! So simple!

Birthday Cake: Moving on to the BEST part! haha Here was our fun construction cake! We made this ourselves and with a little preparation and having everything on hand the day of the party.. it went super smooth! I will do a separate post with all the details about how to make this cake and what you'll need to make it. :-)

We had so much fun making this super cute birthday cake!!

Smash Cake: This cake was easy to make, as well! I decorated this one in just a few minutes. We purchased the Duncan Hines personal cake mix and it was the perfect size for a smash cake! Bingo!

Here is the sweet little birthday boy seeing his smash cake and thinking: 
"I am really going to get a WHOLE cake all to myself?!?!" He LOVES sweets!!

He enjoyed digging in!

Gift Table: The big gift in the back was from the grandparents on both mine and my husbands side of the family. It was a 6V battery powered four-wheeler and he absolutely loves it, even at 1 year old!
I loved the gift wrapping though - it turned out cute! We just purchased a roll of caution tape from Home Depot and wrapped it around all the pavilion poles and then had leftovers and used it on this gift, as well. Each picnic table had a grouping of balloons tied to the middle of the table. You can see these details in some of the other pictures.

Levi LOVES construction toys! He played with the toy in this picture constantly for months on end, and still plays with it! Seriously, one of his favorites!

Party Favors: I used clear "baking goods" bags and filled them with fun toys and candy and then tied them up with caution tape. I purchased all the little toys/party favors at Party City.

Here is the pavilion filled with friends and family = lots of fun making memories!! 
You can see how we wrapped the posts with the caution tape and around the perimeter of the pavilion!

One last picture of the cake… just because it turned out SO cute!  

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the pictures! This party really turned out to be so much fun and everyone enjoyed themselves very much! This was definitely a successful 1st birthday party!

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