5 Reasons I use Blogger as my website platform...

Hello bloggers and friends!

This post is for intermediate level bloggers.. It is for those of you who consider yourself to have an average knowledge about developing websites or creating blogs. If you are new to blogging or developing your own website, then please start off with a tutorial on How to create a blog. I may eventually post one myself however, at this point I just wanted to share about why I use Blogger.

I would like to share a few reasons today on why I use Blogger as my website hosting platform. First, I will give you the "reasons" and secondly, I will explain each one giving a little more detail.

#1) Easy to learn.
#2) Low overhead. It's free. (can't beat that offer!)
#3) You can easily customize your site on your own.
#4) Security.
#5) Linked to your other google accounts.

Now, I am spilling the beans with the details behind each of the reasons listed above…

#1 blogger is extremely easy to learn and navigate through when creating and maintaining your blog pages, posts, and the overall look of your site. I have used a different platform, in the past, and became frustrated very quickly. It was so difficult to find what I was looking for in terms of changing or customizing my blog. (More on that in reason #3.)

With over a decade of experience in website design I consider myself to be fairly savvy in the blogging world and when I became frustrated with the other platform so quickly I decided to go back to the old faithful Blogger.

#2 Using blogger is free. You just need a google account and then you are able to set up your own personal website. This is a huge plus because I like to keep my overhead to a minimum. If you want to make a profit blogging then do what it takes to keep your monthly bills low.

It has been proven that you can make money blogging with absolutely no money down. Read more about that from a friend and New York Times Best Selling Author, Stephanie O'Dea. She also has an e-book that gives instructions and all the information you need to know about (using her words) "starting a kitchen table business with no money down". I recommend that you download and read this e-book! It is full of useful information on what to do and what not to do when starting a blog.

#3 Blogger is so easy to learn, thus enabling you to customize your site with the exact look and feel you envision. When I get a new idea in my head for my blog, I am always able to make it come to pass, using blogger. Other platforms have limitations if you are not able to change the coding yourself. Through tutorials and forums you can figure out the coding but it can be really time consuming… like REALLY consuming.

I have been able to completely customize my blog to get exactly what I am looking for without contracting anything out.

#4 The security of my blog is a big factor in my mind and I have never had an issue with blogger. On the other hand, when using a different host, I dealt with so much spam and almost felt hacked within the first couple days of creating my account. There was an option to pay more per month for security but blogger's security seems to be spot on without any extra cost per month… again, it's free. (hello, happy budget!)

#5 Last but not least, your blogger account is linked with all your other google accounts which makes it easier to link up your new posts and advertise or get your information out there on many different social media avenues. Google+, google search, News and also link up to the Photos, Drive, Calendar, etc. So many google features that can be pretty useful.

I hope this answers a lot of your questions about which platform you should use. I would totally recommend Blogger. I am not saying that I will never switch to something else but for now this works great and I have no reason to change. I have seen too many successful blogs, as well as my own success, with using this easy to use blogging platform.

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