1 easy step to a Clutter-free Home

It's a good day for a good day and I want to make your "good day" an even "BETTER than good day" and with one simple life hack!

One thing I have found that helps me stay sane in the middle of chaos is a clean clutter-free home. Whether the chaos is from one busy week every now and then or simply that you're busy all.the.time. one thing you can do to relieve some of the stress is to keep your home clutter-free!

Busy lives and busy homes become much simpler and less stressful when no clutter is involved! Take it for what it's worth! Try it out and you will be amazed how how much of a difference it will make. Have you heard the expression…


Well… I am here to break it to you that it is SO true!! 

Here are some ways that having less in your home can bring you a whole lot more…

1.) Easier and quicker to clean the entire house.
(Don't waste time trying to find a spot to hide things when you rarely use it in the first place.)

2.) You know the contents of your home. 
(Who has a fear of the unknown? :p Seriously, the fear of the unknown of what is hiding behind that closet door can be a bit intimidating! Clean it out and know the contents of your closets.)

3.) Brings a peace of mind of knowing you have a clean house and are prepared for spontaneous company. (One of the worst feelings is having someone show up on the front porch and you have to crack the door open and hope they can't see past you because you have a royal mess going on. No clutter=no mess! Yes, there may be a pile of toys on the floor from your kids or their may be a pile of books on the table from what you're working on but that does not look messy nor should it be intimidating to "live" in your house. It's the clutter (that old magazine, or old piece of decor that you don't know what to do with it, that really brings your house d.o.w.n. a notch.))

So, now that you're craving that clutter-free home…. let's talk about HOW to get a clutter-free home!

Pick one day a week to organize one area in your home. 

It's really that simple. And when you have de-cluttered all your drawers, cabinets, closets, and rooms then it's probably time to start back over. But, the good news is this time it will take half or a third of the time it took the first time around!

So, spend 20 minutes every "(day of your choice)"and organize one space or area of your home. Remove and throw out anything that you do not use and see how organized you can make that space. You are sure to be amazed at how simple this is yet what a big difference it is going to make!

Be sure to come back and comment below to let me know how it works for you! Also, if you have any tips that you currently use to de-clutter your house and keep it that way, feel free to share!

Here is a checklist that you can print off and use to get started on de-cluttering your home!

If you would like the printable PDF version please send me an email to Coastal Breeze Cottage, and I'll send it over to you asap! :p

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Have a great day!!

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