Beautiful shed for half the price!

Hi friends!

Here is the original post when we started building the shed and now we have the completed project! After building the shed, we realized just how much money we saved by purchasing the materials and building it ourselves. To purchase a shed of this size and quality would have been an outrageous amount. Far more than what we would have wanted to spend. ;-)

My husband is all about quality. If we are working on a project, big or small, he wants it to be done right and have good quality about it. I love this about him, too! It's a huge blessing to have things done right and that will last.

Here are the pictures of the shed. I couldn't be happier for my handsome man and his storage/shed building!

Maybe I should mention that this shed was a champ through Hurricane Matthew this past month! We were so grateful nothing happened to it. It's just a material thing but, we had just finished it between 6 months - to a year before the hurricane came along.

Thanks for taking time to visit my blog! Please stop by and see us again soon! :-)

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