Rebates on things you already buy...? Yes, please!

Hi guys! Someone recently asked me what my favorite rebate app was and I was genuinely excited to share with them my personal review using Ibotta. Let me preface this post by saying that I have used so. many. different. grocery rebate apps hoping to run across something that worked for me. And not just worked, but that I felt comfortable using and that I felt was worth my time.

Ibotta fit both of these demands. On top of that, it was even easy to use, a completely updated app, and FUN to use. (but more on that... in a bit.) I don't want to be lengthy but, I want to give you a really good idea of how well this app works in case you have wondered yourself. This is NOT a sponsored post. ;)

Ibotta has rebates on things like milk, bread, cheese, various kinds of fruits and veggies, frozen foods, juice, meat, household goods, cosmetics, and entertainment. Now, who wouldn't be able to use at least 3-4 of those kinds of rebates on EVERY. SINGLE. TRIP. to the grocery store?! Did I mention that several of the available rebates will be for any brand of a particular item? Yes, Seriously! This is why I can always get a combined rebate on my grocery trip ranging between $1.50-$5. 

I signed up for Ibotta and downloaded the app on my phone in Feb of 2016 and within 6 months I earned $87.50!! That's about how much I spend on one weeks worth of groceries. So basically, by using Ibotta, they pay for my groceries once every 6 months. Hey, I'll take it! 

Along with the aforementioned rebates, Ibotta also offers team bonuses when you and your friends redeem a certain number of rebates... and honestly, who wouldn't want to have a little fun getting rebates on groceries, and earning bonuses too, just by being cool and using the free app!

Ibotta works with many grocery stores so, chances are they will have your favorite store ready for your to select. Also, they do more than grocery rebates.. LOTS more. Clothing, dining, etc. 

Okay… I think I have said enough to give you a pretty good idea that this app is completely worth your tiny bit of time it takes to scan the items, that qualify for a rebate, and then snap a picture of the receipt. 

You are welcome to join my team and you will automatically get $10, just for joining. Here's the link and it includes my referral code. By being on the same team, it just means that we will help each other reach goals and get the extra bonuses that Ibotta offers. You're also able to sign up on your own and be on your own team. ;) The offer is there though and I'd love to be on a team together!

Have a great weekend! 

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